Branded Content, Branded Ads and Driving Efficient Purchase Intent

Branded Content, Branded Ads and Driving Efficient Purchase Intent

Digital marketing agencies need to be at the top of their game when it comes to understanding and leveraging new products. In times when new ad production is more challenging, sponsoring branded content from creators and publishers can be an attractive option. But when it’s also critical to make the most of every media dollar, […]

Media Buying Strategy for 2020

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For many media strategists and buyers, machine learning remains a bit of a mystery. Sure, the ability to apply sophisticated computer systems and artificial intelligence to problems sounds exciting, but can it actually help with optimizing media buying based on complex human behaviors and dealing with day-to-day advertising challenges? Simply put: Yes, it absolutely can. […]

Inside Facebook: Protecting Your Brand on Social Media

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The following is a resource announcement (Q4, 2019) made available to The Social Group™ as a Facebook Partner Agency. One of our goals is for Facebook to be a platform that gives people a voice, while keeping them–and businesses like yours–safe. That’s why we’re focusing on brand safety in our latest Good Questions, Real Answers […]