The Art of Trash Talking – Pro Sports’ Social Media Teams

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from ESPN… What’s snarky, self-deprecating and smack-talking all at once? Well, your favorite team’s social media accounts, of course. It’s a fine line that social media accounts have to walk, especially in 2020/2021, but when they do it correctly, it makes internet magic. And in a year when sports fans have had to find a […]

Facebook and Instagram Verification Process

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Have you ever wondered what you can do to obtain the coveted blue check verification? How do you apply? What happens when you do? What factors are considered? Here you’ll get the scoop on the verification process and ways to secure your accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Verification Badges Verified badges on Facebook and Instagram […]

The Social Media Measurement Journey

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Focus on Metrics that Matter Begin with making a strategic decision on what is measurable that best aligns to your brand’s broader business goal. Consider what data is available and what tracking capabilities are possible through Facebook platforms or partners such as Instagram and Audience Network. Focus on metrics tied to a key business goal […]