Get the feeling that someone is looking for you? From Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles, our clients have successfully ranked for competitive keywords in their targeted area to increase their brand visibility and online presence.

We get it. Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google for something. But is it relevant to your business? Is it going to drive traffic and lead to sales? And how do you know one SEO Agency is better than another? See what Forbes has to say about if SEO is right for you and what to look for in a firm.

Transparency, transparency, transparency. It's the only way to know your SEO Agency is working for you. At The Social Group we can take you through a step-by-step process showing you exactly what is being done to increase your brand's online visibility. Optimizing meta tags, building qualified backlinks, utilizing keywords and establishing a CTAs (call-to-action) are just a small part of it. We have several client references we can share to make you feel 100% confident. Our SEO team is also Google-Certified in Search Analytics.

So what are some examples of good SEO practices? Take a look at a few On-Page Optimization tips:

  • Header Tags: Header tags such as <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. tell search engines what your most important content is on a given webpage

  • Keywords: One of the more important on-page SEO tips, utilizing the right keywords and their respective synonyms is important. Be careful not to overdo it.

  • Description Tags: Reading no longer than 156 characters, these should include top keywords that describe your brand and compel Googlers to click.

  • Image-Alt Tag: While website visitors see vivid pictures (like the friendly looking jaguar above on this page), search engines see code so it's important to use descriptive words to tell Google what it's looking at.

  • Responsive: one of the most important things is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. More than half of the U.S. internet traffic is performed via smartphones and tablets.

Wondering how your site currently ranks? Click here for a free SEO Analaysis.

Want to know if your site is mobile-friendly? Let's take a look using Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

Ready to begin? Let's start optimizing.

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