Search Engine Marketing

Drive immediate traffic and revenue with The Social Group™, a Google certified agency.

We only have eyes for you. Consumers are actively searching for your product(s) as you read this so let us put the spotlight on your brand so they find you before they find your competitors.

The goals are simple. We strive to generate immediate traffic to your site so we can convert searching consumers into revenue driving loyalists. Increase your conversions while lowering your ad costs.


What are the benefits of Google Ads?

Search Engine Marketing (often referred to as Google Ads) is an immediate way to get your message in front of consumers. Whether you’re selling tickets to an event, products online or building brand awareness, Google Ads offers immediate reach and conversion.

You only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business. Reach and impressions aren’t always enough, so we set up Google Ads that spends your ad budget only when a specific call-to-action is achieved.

Establishing a Google Ads campaign oftentimes allows you to better tackle competition. The Social Group™ can create ad campaigns using the “Target Outrank” automatic bidding strategy to adjust your bid to outrank specific competition.

Have an issue with consumers visiting but not purchasing? We can build remarketing campaigns that targets past website visitors with enticing incentives like free shipping. The website visitors showed interest. Let us close the deal.

Digital Ad Strategy

The very first thing we do is put our spy hats on and perform a deep-diving audit on your competition’s digital ad strategy. We want to see who they’re targeting, where they’re targeting, when they’re targeting and how they’re targeting.

We learn more about your industry as the subject matter experts, and rigorously research your target audience and keyword traffic trends.

We focus on which Google Ad campaigns would be the most cost-effective and generate the most revenue or brand awareness. We are certified in Google Display, Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Video, Google Measurement and Advanced Analytics.

Once our audience research and campaign strategy audits are completed, we typically provide a three-tiered suggested budget. We’ll show you what the current traffic trends look like within your industry, what the average costs are and what we think is a great starting point to see results as soon as possible.

The next step is where our Search Marketing Director and Creative Director join forces. Custom content (either video or imagery) is created to fit your brand and establish clear calls-to-action (CTAs). We also craft captivating and concise copy to ensure our messaging is easily and quickly understood.