Increase your search engine visibility with our SEO expertise

We get it. Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google for something. But are your rankings relevant? Is it going to drive traffic and lead to revenue? Our team focuses on the nuances and trends of your particular industry and applies that to a deep dive into data and traffic history. We’ll establish clear and transparent KPIs to help you see past the promises and quantify the results. 

Google Certified Marketing Agency

Transparency. Attention to Detail. Strategic Methodologies. It’s what guides us. At The Social Group™ our team will present a clearly defined SEO strategy so you know what to expect. Optimizing alt tags, building qualified backlinks, utilizing keywords and most importantly, creating custom content are some of our main focus points.
Google Analytics Academy Course Certificate

What are the benefits of S.E.O.?

Lead Generation

SEO is tremendously effective in generating B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) leads. If your leads are trending down, then your competitor is likely trending up.

Market Share

Outranking others on search lists likely means attracting more industry consumers to your brand when they’re searching online. And you’re not alone. This year the amount spent on SEO by brands and agencies is expected to be $80 billion in the US alone.


SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that you can be confident is working for your brand every single day. The more time you give to implement the SEO strategy, the longer your results should last.


When you’re creating strong SEO trust signals such as alt text and new content, it integrates perfectly with other marketing strategies such as social media. Social Media Marketing also serves as an SEO trust signal and can therefore boost your SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy

  • The first thing we use are our eyes and ears. We listen to your goals and objectives, the nuances of your industry, while looking to see what you’ve experienced in the past and what your competition is doing.
  • We perform a complete and in-depth audit of your website and provide an SEO Audit Report. We gauge your site’s current standing while researching the status and traffic trends of your industry and competition.
  • We established clearly defined benchmark KPIs and transparent cornerstones to ensure progress is being made.
  • The Social Group™ team will also provide a guide so you can lift the veil behind what SEO does and monitor what we’re doing. A client-agency collaboration is built on trust, responsiveness and the ability to pivot and perform.
  • All clients receive bi-weekly or monthly reports quantifying our SEO deliverables while comparing month over month progress. We can walk you through the entire SEO process and pride ourselves on being responsive when answering any questions.