Social Media Marketing During a Pandemic

Social in a Time of Corona

Woah, it’s heavy out there! Am I right? The entire world is affected by COVID-19. A lot of the things we take for granted in our everyday lives are closed or off-limits, creating a new normal. As Creators, we must use this opportunity to make people smile, and to give them a break from the weight of hourly news updates. As Account Managers, we must continue to steer the ship and maintain brand awareness, without being tone deaf. So where is the line? What is too cute and what is too somber? The whole world is in unchartered territory, but let’s try to make the best of it.

Stay Apart of the Conversation

If you weren’t deemed essential, you are home and probably glued to social media. Between Instagram lives, family TikToks, Facebook fact checking, and real time updates from Twitter, there’s no shortage of content to consume. More than ever it is important to stay apart of the conversation. Throw your old social strategies in the trash, wash your hands, and start anew.

People don’t want to have promos stuffed down their throats. They want to be engaged. They want a meme to send to their friends, or a video that tugs at their heart strings, really just a moment that feels normal. Focus on engaging content that will make people feel like we are all truly in this together, feeling the same way.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

-Check-Ins from Staff – transparency is very appreciated right now

-Pick a Quarantine House – use people relevant to your brand

-Bingo – a fun way to keep your brand on people’s minds

-Which Character Are You?

-This or That Instagram Story Voting


Mind Your Tone

It is critical to avoid coming off tone deaf in your posts. The world is hurting, and though it may not have affected your house, it has affected your community. Do not make light of the effects of the coronavirus. It should go without saying, but do not joke about death, illness or unemployment. Remember how sensitive the world was before this pandemic? Multiply that by 100,000.

This is where “is this too cute or too somber?” comes in. Stay away from too cute to avoid sounding tone deaf, and avoid too somber because people already get that from the news. Find the middle ground that best suits your brand. Be mindful of the latest coronavirus updates to avoid posting old news or insensitive content. If you are recycling old images or videos, be cognizant of our new normal that includes social distancing, being away from friends and family, staying indoors, etc.

Engage With Your Community

There is a thin line between using this time for personal gain (good PR) and helping your community, so it is important to stay authentic. A good way to use your platform is by asking your followers and your network to help your community. Many essential workers need masks, senior citizens need groceries, and a lot of people are now jobless and in need of financial aid.

Don’t be afraid to document and share your community outreach. Making sure to stay authentic is important because the internet is quick to sniff out (and berate) a phony. If your intention is just to garner some good PR, they’ll know. Rest assured that when this is all over, people will remember the brands that stepped up.

We’re in This Together

As marketers, we have our own community and we are in this together. We are all navigating through events that were canceled and sales that are dropping, so we have each other to lean on. There are no competitors right now. Don’t be afraid to reach out to forums and Facebook groups with concerns about content. Stay safe and stay healthy, we will get through this.


Carli Cortez