The Art of Flash Content: Tips for Capturing Content at Annual Events

Carli Cortez

You have less than 12 hours to gather enough content to last you 365 days, GO. No pressure! Keep in mind a year full of holidays, national days, celebrity shout outs/birthdays, and make sure to stay on brand. So…a lot of pressure.

Take a deep breath and make a plan, it’s the only way. I’ve spearheaded social output for many large events, so maybe these pointers will help you sleep the night before.

Create a shot list.

Planning your attack on an event should always include a shot list. If you aren’t provided a run of show in advance, a generic idea of what content you need to capture should suffice. Know what national holidays your brand will recognize over the next year and keep those in mind when capturing day of content.

The Art of Flash Content: Tips for Capturing Content at Annual Events

Relay your content needs to your photographers/videographers.

You can’t post iPhone pictures for 365 days leading up to the next event, so make sure to include your photo team in your plan. Have a face-to-face meeting the morning of the event so it is fresh in their minds. If you know you need to post for the 4th of July, make sure to tell them to keep their eyes open for photo ops that include American flags. If your brand cares about National Friendship Day, make sure they’re looking for groups of friends.

Utilizing Flash: Tips for Capturing Content at Annual Events

Know your sponsors.

Most likely your event will come with a list of sponsors or keynote speakers that require a social shout out. It is very important to know the contractual obligations for each sponsor – how many posts do they get? Which social platforms do they need to be posted on? Do they require approval by the brand/speaker? Does their post need to go up before the event or day of?

Knowing their handles and hashtags ahead of time will make satisfying sponsor obligations a breeze. Also, look at the content they’re posting to get an idea of what will work for both brands. Include your photo team here as well. If you need photos of brand activations, an iPhone picture might not be good enough. Keeping your sponsors happy will bring them back next year.

Pack a snack.

The Jewish mother in me won’t let me write this without saying, “Don’t forget to eat!” Snacks are essential. If you find the time to sit down for lunch or dinner, good for you! You deserve it. But if you don’t want to sacrifice a moment of potential viral content for a meal, pack a snack. My go-tos are granola bars, trail mix and fruit, but don’t be afraid of stuffing a PB&J (or three) in your bag.

Flash Tips for Capturing Content at Annual Events

Wear comfortable shoes/clothes.

You’ll be walking, maybe even running, from one side of the event to the other A LOT. We all want to look our cutest in strappy heels and a dress, but we opted to be account managers and we hustle. Sometimes getting the perfect shot means bending, crouching or climbing and a little dress won’t cut it. More often than not you can find me in a jumpsuit and flats on event days, cute but practical.

Tips for Capturing Content at Annual Events using Flash


You’re going to feel pulled in a million directions, because you probably are. Every department wants their story told, every sponsor wants their company tagged, every attendee wants their picture taken. As long as you don’t forget what your client wants to see, stay on brand, and include all necessary sponsors, you’re good! You are the captain now. This is your account and your rodeo, grab the reins.