Social Media Marketing

We’re experts in social media because we’ve been certified by the experts. The Social Group™ is a Facebook and Instagram Partner Agency and Facebook Blueprint® Certified.

Ah, social media. Our first true love. There’s a reason why our agency is called The Social Group™. Our team of animators, ad experts and copywriters, combined with the partner level support of Facebook reps, enables us to create a powerful and effective social media marketing campaign that reaches coast to coast, post by post.

The Social Group™ team specializes in creating beautiful content galleries with exclusive and on-brand creative that’s reflective of your company. We incorporate branded design elements, animated video pieces and captivating content that encourages your following to engage and take action. Our creative department works very closely with our advertising team to ensure the right content is used across the right platforms targeted to the right audience so we increase your reach, improve revenue and drive brand loyalty.

Social Media Capabilities

We’re great at what we do simply because we love what we do. The Social Group™ team is trained and certified with extensive experience in the following:

Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking for day to day management of your social media channels, simple or complex ad campaigns, audience growth or anything in between, The Social Group™ team is here as your partner. We are a partner agency with Facebook which allows us greater access to their partner tools and representatives than most other agencies. We have also been Blueprint® certified by Facebook, demonstrating an advanced comprehension of social media advertising and best practices. And while all of the certification bells and whistles are nice, we first need to understand what your unique goals and needs are. We want to meet with you and figure out what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for you in the past. We want to research and identify your target audience. We want to create content that generates reactions, engagements and calls to action. Modern social media marketing can be extremely complex. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun and easy to execute.
Social Media Marketing